Words To Live By

If you’ve checked out my Etsy shop or Instagram profile lately, you must’ve seen my latest passion project, the “Words To Live By” banner collection. Those things we’re literally my babies for a while and, since they mean so much to me, I wanted to give you guys a behind-the-scenes look at how they came to be.

When I first came up with the idea for these banners, I knew that I wanted to make something very different from anything I had made before. So, while I still love anything bright and colorful, I wanted to keep it simple with the design and color of these banner so they can match any space. Just like everything else I create for my Etsy shop, I basically made these banners as something I would want to decorate my own house with, and that’s exactly what I did. Since a big part of what inspired me to create these banners was being in and decorating our new home, I knew I wanted to use them as an opportunity to give you guys a glimpse of our cozy space!

When it came to choosing the sayings, I really wanted them to be quotes that I felt connected to and that were meaningful to me, and of course, because I love a good motivational/inspirational quote, I started off with a list of about ten sayings and narrowed it down to the final four that spoke to me the most. With all this being said, let me walk you through the thought process behind each of the sayings that I chose.

The quotes I chose for the banners are basically all reminders that I feel like I need to hear at different stages these days, since, I think like many people, I spent the first half of this year feeling really unmotivated and unfilled, because most of my plans for this year, and the foreseeable future, both personal and professional, had been kind of turned upside down. #thankyou2020

The first banner design was inspired by my newfound “#crazyplantlady” status, along with 2020 being the weirdest year ever. I don’t know how it happened, but as someone who used to be a plant hater (can you believe that!?), who then graduated her way up to being a plant killer (#recoveringblackthumb), I somehow turned into the person who walks out of the garden center at Lowe’s with a new plant every time I’m there! The irony of this is that growing up, I used to always make fun of my mom for her “jungle” that she kept in our house and now people are making fun of me for starting to grow my own!

The quote “Bloom Where You Are Planted” is one that I had already lettered for a recent Instagram post, and it had actually evolved from one of the first pieces I ever lettered that said, “Grow Where You Are Planted”. As I was working on it, I realized that the first one I made said “grow” and not “bloom” and I was going to change it, but then my husband stopped me and said “No! Don’t change it. I like “bloom!” It’s like you’re saying “don’t just grow...thrive!” It felt fitting since times like these force us to examine what we think about where we are and to learn to embrace and be thankful for whatever season of life we’re in, even if it’s not where we expected to be. Of course, I had to hang that banner in the living room next to my plant babies!

The second quote that I used for these banners is “Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart”. While it may seem like somewhat of a cliché/overused quote, having those words be the first thing you see when you wake up can help you to set your intentions for the day. It’s completely natural to feel down sometimes and “unsatisfied” but it’s important to not let those feelings completely cloud our frame of mind. I actually started a gratitude journal a couple of years ago, but I only recently made a point of having it be an important part of my daily morning routine, and it’s been such a soothing start to my day.

I know you shouldn’t play favorites with your babies, but I have to admit that the third banner is my favorite! Not only do I love the quote,

“When You Focus On The Good, The Good Gets Better”, but I’m definitely biased to any design where I get to draw leaves or florals. I hung it in the dining room because the dining room table is a place of gathering, where good food, good people and good times usually come together, and those are absolutely some good things to focus on, rather than dwelling on the things we don’t have.

Last but not least, you guys know I love a good, sassy saying, so I obviously had to include something like “Don’t Stop, Get It, Get It”. I honestly don’t even know where I’ve heard this saying before…is it a song?? Let me know if you know! Anyways, I think it’s fun to say and it’s a pretty self-explanatory saying about not giving up.

The last few months have kind of been a rollercoaster of emotions for me when it comes to Bashful Lettering. There was a long period of a few months where I had absolutely no motivation to work on anything at all, and while that was totally okay, I didn’t want that period to turn into me completely giving up on this work that I absolutely love. I’m not sure where the turning point was, but eventually I just started to get a bunch of new ideas of things I wanted to work on, and before I knew it, Nathalie got her lettering groove back! To make sure I keep motivating myself to move forward with all that inspiration, I hung up this banner by my desk as a reminder to keep getting it, getting it.

If you haven’t bought your “Words To Live By” banner yet, I hope that reading about just how personal they are to me and how much thought I put into creating them will inspire you to get your own! You can get yours on the BashfulLettering Etsy shop :)

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